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Secret Places of Central Park

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Secret Places of Central Park: The Walking Tour

Best Central Park Walking Tour

Discover the Best Central Park Walking Tour: Secret, Hidden and Fascinating Central Park Locations Only a New York City Historian Can Help You Find!

Get away from it all and immerse yourself in some of the least-visited, most scenic and historical parts in the Best Central Park Walking Tour in New York City.

“Translate Democratic ideas into trees and dirt” is how Calvert Vaux, the partner of Frederick Olmstead, described the concept of a Central Park in the 1850’s. It is a park for all people. Today, with about 42 million visitors annually, the park continues to fulfill that vision. Set in the center of the largest city in the United States, the majestic 843 acre, man-made, 2.5 mile long park, set in the largest city in the United States continues to astound. As a New Yorker or visitor, you’ve probably seen the well-known places of Central Park such as the Lake and Bethesda Fountain, but this tour, the Secret Places of Central Park will take you to places that will surprise and delight you. The tour is conducted by Bruce Racond, a licensed New York City tour guide with 20 years experience.   Please see the current TripAdvisor reviews.

You will be amazed as you . . . 

  • Explore the forest of oak hickory, maple and ash trees of the North Woods.
  • Visit the Secret Garden of the Conservatory Gardens
  • See an ornate French iron gate that protected Cornelius Vanderbilt II’s mansion
  • Hear about the history and see the grounds of a convent built on the site of Central Park
  • “Look out” for invaders as you stand high on fortresses from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812
  • Overlook the scenic vistas of the Harlem Meer and Fort Clinton
  • Tread the same ground that General George Washington rode on to triumphantly retake New York in 1783
  • Stroll near an 1866 arch made of uncut boulders of Manhattan schist
  • Find peace and tranquility along the beautiful Loch and waterfalls of the captivating Ravine

You will be transported to scenery of the Adirondacks, right in the middle of Manhattan island!

You’ll learn the fascinating history of the park and gain an even greater appreciation for what the creators Frederick Law Olmstead, Calvert Vaux and commissioner, Andrew Haswell Green accomplished 160 years ago. You’ll see alternative proposals for the park’s design, and find out what was there before. This tour is a must for lovers of New York City and Central Park.

The tour is conducted in the rain, snow or shine.  Some locations may not be open or accessible depending on weather conditions and/or park closings.
The tour is approximately 3.5 miles and takes about 2.5 hours.  You should be in good physical shape; there is uneven terrain, unpaved trails, rocks, some steep (but short) hills on dirt and mulch, uneven stairs and potentially slippery areas.  It is essential that you dress appropriately and wear suitable shoes.  

The tour meets around 100th Street & Central Park West.  The “Secrets of Central Park” tour details will be sent after you register.

Best Central Park Walking Tour New York City


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